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Catch Graphics

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Catch Graphics

b.jpgCatch Graphics Limited is a boutique graphic design and web design company based in Featherston, Wairarapa, New Zealand – near the capital city Wellington. Established by Michael Holmes and Greer Gwynne in 2004, we bring with us many years of experience and know-how in the graphic design and publication industries in Wellington, New Zealand.

Catch Graphics designs are aimed at helping your products and services be the success that they deserve to be. We provide cost-effective solutions to suit your budget. Our contacts with high-quality and very cost-effective printers enables us to provide a very competitive print service as well.

Contact Us:

5 Revans Street, Featherston, New Zealand (click on MAP icon above).
South Wairarapa 5710

Website: [WWW]
Phone: (06) 308 8446
Fax: (06) 308 8448
Skype Username: catchgraphics

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