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Farmers Market

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Wairarapa Farmers' Market, open every Saturday NOW at 4 Queen Street North (click on map icon above), from 9am to 1pm.


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Fresh from Wairarapa paddocks to Wairarapa plates with locally produced vegetables, herbs, cheese, wine, free range eggs, flowers, plants, artisan products, Arabica coffees, olive oil, meat, and more.

You'll find these producers at various times at the Market: Henson's Garden, Kingsmeade Cheese, Lavender Magic, Machiatto Coffee Roasters, Maureen's Crafts, Mole Green, Ooh La La Lola, Paulownia Estate Wine, Rose Cottage, Seaweed Man, Superior Meats, Te Manaia Organic Farm, Valley Olive Oils, Wakelin House, Water Mill Bakery and Wee Red Barn all supplying their unique products directly to Market customers and the trade.

Along with wonderful produce promoting the eating of healthy food, the market is boosting the region's economy, with the dollars spent there staying here, and providing more jobs as growers expand their businesses.

The market is under cover at The Farriers, Masterton, New Zealand, with entry on the north end of Chapel and Queen Streets. Enter 4 Queen Street North (click on map icon above). Musician Nick Willsden (& guest artists) regularly play traditional and contemporary music to make your market experience even more enjoyable.

(An authentic member of the NZ National Farmers' Market Association, here at [WWW]

Contact: Market Manager, John Hart on 021 043 7899 or

Eddie Henrard (from Machiatto)

Phone: 021 774 666 or

or email

Click on the "Talk" icon at top of page to read about news and announcements.

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2007-12-01 20:33:28   The best thing that has happened to Masterton during 07. I shop there almost every Saturday morning. Lorraine.

2007-12-03 08:46:10   I am wondering if it would be useful if stall holders would let us know the dates they are not going to be at the market? We could simply set up a special page for this and you (stall holder) provide the information yourself. What do you think? Just type your reply comment in the comments space and click on the button "Add Comment". —TomvanBodgraven

2007-12-04 09:09:55   I think it would be great to know when a stall-holder was not going to be at the market. It would also be nice to know about special seasonal products arriving, etc. Hope I have done this right. Joanne Watson —

2007-12-04 11:30:09   Have placed a link to our Wairarapa Farmers Market Wiki page on [WWW]this Wikipedia pageTomvanBodgraven

2007-12-05 09:09:00   Great to see a good turnout for our 1 year birthday bash, big thanks to the FM committee for the hard work, and a great big thanks to all our shoppers for the support. Its good to see the loyalty of our customers, to buy fresh, local, produce, plants, and other goodies. Well done everyone, its so good to be part of such an awesome venture, and its right here in the sunny Wairarapa!!!! Niki (Purple Pumpkin) —

2008-07-08 10:27:20   Check out this link that claims to be able to determine if veges are grown organically or not: [WWW] . Eddie —

2008-11-21 02:02:29   Hi, I love the Farmers Market and have just added the details to local sustainability website that I set up [WWW] Please support the site by joining up (you can register at the site) you will receive a monthly update of Green events, news and info from the Wairarapa. To the Farmers Market team - please email me interesting news and tidbits and I will post them on the site for you I have over 40 site members already and its growing fast which is great! Best, Janine —

2009-08-29 16:45:33   Loving the music! —

2012-06-21 16:19:38   We are residents of Riversdale Beach and had no idea that there was a Farmers Market in the area until seeing it mentioned in Fishead magazine this week. Maybe some advertising on the local noticeboards etc might encourage the Bach residents that don't get to see the local papers etc. Can't wait to visit for the first time this weekend! —

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