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Grape Valley Choppers

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Grape Valley Choppers

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Contact Grape Valley Choppers:

104 Bently Street, Masterton, New Zealand (click on MAP icon above).
Phone: 06 370 2034
Fax: 06 370 2054

has a great passion for bikes from riding them to building them.
GVC has a fully skilled workshop that can design customise or
fabricate chopper bikes big and small.

we also sell imported styled mini chopper bikes for the road,dirt bikes, quads
the mini choppers you can buy as they are or we can customise them
how you want from changing anthing on the bikes to suit your style.

our workshop is once again fully set up to do mechanical repairs
servicing on these imported products and all parts available.

email us to check out the range of products we have in stock or what

we also have caps tee shirts ladys singlets and lots more clothing
with our very styled GVC logo

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