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Paul Melser Pottery

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Paul Melser Pottery

studio.jpgclick to enlarge pots.jpgclick to enlarge7 kms up Norfolk Road (the road to Mt Holdsworth).

Open daily November - February.
Practical pots at affordable prices. Visitors welcome to view the wide range of work available from our showroom.

Paul has been making pots for sale since 1964. His studio is situated on a 100 acre farm in the Wairarapa. He blends local clays with other ingredients to make his own distinct clays.

The glazes also make use of local materials and when fired at stoneware temperatures produce strong durable domestic ware and large pots. Some pots are wood fired to produce lively work that has strong local character unique to the region.

See also Paul Melser artist painter.

Paul's website is [WWW]

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