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Pond Paddock

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pond.gifIn 1999 our family arrived in Martinborough, New Zealand from Victoria, Canada and began to develop what was to become Pond Paddock vineyard. We chose Te Muna Road in Martinborough because the Te Muna Terrace offered the soil structure we felt necessary to grow top quality pinot noir and riesling. The soils here are sandy loam soils above ancient river gravels and free draining soils are important for growing pinot noir.

The name Pond Paddock was given to the block by locals years before we bought the property. There is a pond and stream at the back of the property against the hill and we thought that this name acknowledged the past history of the land.

Since 2000 we have planted 10 acres of pinot noir, 5 different clones, closely planted 2 metre rows at 1.2 metre planting. We have also planted 2 acres each of chardonnay - clone 95, and riesling - clone 110 and barnsley.

We also run Jeff Barber photography services.

Christine Barnett
Jeff Barber - wine maker and viticulturist.


P.O.Box 104 Martinborough
Phone: 06 306 8114
Fax: 06 306 8317
Web: [WWW]



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