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List of Wairarapa Rest-homes

Facility Phone Fax E-mail Level of Service Manager
Arbor House 48 Main Street Greytown (06) 304-9483 (06) 304-9961 Resthome Sheren Gallon

Aversham House 88 Cole Street Masterton (06) 377-2292 Resthome Cheryl Powell

Carter Court 95-97 Pembroke Street Carterton (06) 379-8075 Resthome Andrew Charnock

Kandahar Court 2 Colombo Road Masterton (06) 370-0449 Dementia care Mike Keyworth

Cornwall Rest Home 3 Cornwall Street Masterton (06) 377-4165 Resthome Kirsty Schofield

Glenwood Masonic Hospital Cole Street Masterton (06) 377-0221 Continuing Care Hospital Anne Savage

Kandahar Elderly Care 8 Roberts Road Masterton (06) 370-0447 Continuing Care Hospital Mike Keyworth

Lansdowne Court Oxford Street Masterton (06) 377-3339 Continuing Care Hospital Julia Neil

Lyndale Resthome 52 Cole Street Masterton (06) 378-7059 Resthome Viv Richardson

Metlifecare Wairarapa 140 Chapel Street Masterton (06) 378-2577 Continuing Care Hospital Judith Lee

Palliser Home and Hospital 186 East Street Greytown (06) 304-8041 Continuing Care Hospital Sheryll Fenwick

Roseneath Manor Rest Home and Hospital 227 High Street South Carterton (06) 379-4018 Continuing Care Hospital Alan Hornigold

Wharekaka Residential Home for the Elderley Oxford Street Martinborough (06) 306-9701 Resthome Corlette Doherty

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