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WBS - Wairarapa Building Society

wairbslogo_a.gifWBS provides savings and investment accounts and a comprehensive range of finance options for residential, rural and commercial property.
WBS, the Wairarapa’s only locally owned and operated financial services organisation, can trace its history back to 1873. It is proud of its long history of helping the Wairarapa grow. One in four Wairarapa residents are customers of WBS.

Management of WBS
WBS is governed by an independent Board of Directors. It operates in terms of a Trust Deed, the Trustee being Trustees Executors Limited. The Auditors are KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms. Day to day management is undertaken by a group of experienced and highly trained executives and staff.

WBS has a history dating back to 1873. We are proud to have been an important contributor to the growth of the Wairarapa for the past 130 years.

We sponsor the following organisations on this Wiki:
Masterton Petanque Club

Contact: 75 Queen Street, Masterton, New Zealand (Click on "Map" icon above).
PO Box 441 Masterton 5840
Ph: 06 370 0070
Fax: 06 370 0076
Web: [WWW]

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