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Wairarapa REAP

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Wairarapa REAP (Rural Education Activities Programme) Inc (WaiREAP). is a locally run community based organisation providing flexible learning opportunities in the Wairarapa region.
WaiREAP began in 1982 as a result of government’s introduction of a new programme into selected rural areas of New Zealand in 1978.

The purpose of the programme was to enhance the quality of education offered to rural communities, from early childhood through primary and secondary schooling on into post compulsory tertiary community education.

All people living within the region shown above are considered by WaiREAP to be in a rural environment.


Wairarapa REAP will promote and enhance lifelong learning opportunities in a manner that is equitable, appropriate, effective and efficient.


Wairarapa people are entitled to the best education the system can provide, and WaiREAP is committed to addressing equity of opportunity for every learner.

While WaiREAP exists for the benefit of all of its residents who are drawn from a scattered region including Masterton, several regional towns (Pahiatua, Eketahuna, Carterton, Greytown, Featherston, Martinborough) and many small, isolated villages, WaiREAP also places particular emphasis to redress an otherwise educational disadvantage for rural dwellers in accessing the range and depth of activities enjoyed by their more urban counterparts.
It provides opportunities to supplement and complement existing educational activities.

Our Overarching Goals are:
- To ensure continued development of the WaiREAP organisation to meet the needs of the Wairarapa region
- To identify and meet needs in educational and other allied agencies
- To facilitate advancement of education in rural areas
- To work actively in order to improve the quality and opportunities of education for rural learners
- To be regarded and recognised as a credible and vital part of rural support and development
- To continue with and develop positive relationships with other organisations, in particular; Ministry of Education, local bodies, Maori and other minority ethnic groups, educational agencies, government agencies, REAPs, National Association of REAPs
- To ensure that our core business is compatible with the STEP and goals of the Tertiary Strategy, through the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission

Key Values of WaiREAP:
- Lifelong Learning - Credibility
- Fairness - Excellence
- Global chances for all - Accountability
- Education chances for all - Professionalism
- Flexibility and Responsiveness - Transparency
- Proactive and reactive - Advocacy for rural people
- Ability to respond quickly - Providing access to/from the community
- Meeting local needs - Providing access for/with the community
- Offering new initiatives - Facilitation / Brokering role
- Continuing to have a ‘Why not?’ approach

Contact REAP:

REAP House
340 Queen Street, Masterton, New Zealand

PO Box 442
Masterton 5840
New Zealand
Phone (06) 377 1379
Fax (06) 377 1378
Freephone 0800 WAIREAP

Website: [WWW]

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